Monday, 28 November 2011

Pulp Art--it's what's for Christmas

Of course it goes without saying that you'll be buying a NoHo Noir calendar featuring 12 great illustrations by Mark Satchwill to hang on your office wall. (No kittens or Harry Potter images for you...not that there's anything wrong with kittens or Harry Potter.) And surely you must know someone who needs a coffee or tea mug with the NoHo Noir clown logo on it?  (If the caffeine doesn't get their hearts started, maybe the frightening sight of the clown we fondly call "Skanky" will.)
Beyond that, though, you may have people on your Christmas list whose tastes are more pulp than noir. You (and they) are so in luck.  Mega-poster art site All Poster has a selection of vintage pulp magazine covers available in 11x17 for under $20. Want something even cheaper (and we mean that in every possible sense)? How about an 8 x 8 art print of Reform School Girl for only $5.99. (A blonde in a red dress smoking a cigarette and fixing her garters. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this one.)

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