About NoHo Noir

It began with a Craigslist ad. The editor of a local, online news site was looking for someone to write hyper-local fiction for his North Hollywood/Toluca Lake, California site.
The ad was posted late Sunday night; I answered it minutes after it went up (there are benefits to being a night owl) and by the open of business Monday, I had the gig.
The editor wanted illustrations for each story, so I contacted Mark, whose work had been so crucial to the success of Dark Valentine Magazine.
Mark was onboard and by Thursday had created the illustration for the first story, which ran that Sunday, less than a week after the project was first imagined. The day before the first story ran we realised we needed a logo and Mark produced the iconic clown with literally only hours to spare.
Talk about instant gratification!
The original incarnation of NoHo Noir ran for a year, chronicling the adventures of a diverse cross-section of people living (and dying) in North Hollywood and Toluca Lake, a more affluent community adjacent to NoHo.
Now we’re starting a whole new cycle of stories—call it NoNo 2.0—with an all-new cast of characters, darker plotlines, and more candid language. (We are looking forward to ditching the asterisks.) And of course, a new logo.
I did not think it was possible for the clown to be creepier but I was wrong. (Dead wrong, one might say.)
Welcome to the neighborhood.
We hope you’ll stay awhile.

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