Friday, 11 November 2011

New Noir Fiction

Looking for something to read while you wait for the first installment of NoHo Noir? Pick your poison. G. Wells Taylor's The Fifth Horseman, the last of his Apocalypse Trilogy, is now available, with the first novel in the series free on and also on Wells' site. Blending a classic western story with an end-of-the-world theme, The Fifth Horseman can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.
Silver Tears, the latest installment in Paul Brazill's Roman Dalton shared-world series Drunk on the Moon, is now available. John Donald Carlucci's tale of a serial killer targeting the werewolf detective offers a new spin on the monster mythology.
Christa Faust's new novel Choke Hold is out. Ex-porn star Angel Dare is back (in the sequel to Money Shot).  Rolling Stone calls Choke Hold, "an instant pulp classic."
If you're looking for noir in small bites, check out Laughing at the Death Grin from Pulp Metal Press.The anthology features 13 dark tales from Paul D. Brazill, Heath Lowrance, Chris Rhatigan, Richard Godwin, Frank Duffy and more...
Patti Abbott's Monkey Justice collection is out from Snubnose Press. NoHo Noir's own Mark Satchwill illustrated the title story when it ran in Dark Valentine Magazine.
Let us know when you're finished reading everything--we've got more suggestions than a corpse has maggots.

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  1. A whole new look to the site since I was last here - tremendous job you've done too.

    We're on similar pages as I have some of these already. The others, I'll add to my list.

    Very much looking forward to Choke Hold, too.