Monday, 21 November 2011

NoHo Noir Reads: The Hypnotist

NoHo's love for Nordic Noir goes way beyond Steig Larsson and Jo Nesbo (although we're huge fans of both writers). We recommend Amaldur Indridason's Jar City to anyone in hearing distance, and we're also fans of Karin Fossum's books, especially Black Seconds, which is one of the bleakest books in a generally bleak genre.
Lars Kepler's book The Hypnotist, available tomorrow is a character-driven crime story with a plot twining around three people--the title character, a police detective, and a 15-year-old boy accused of a horrible triple homicide. The book is fast-paced but filled with social commentary about Sweden's problems with immigration, the shortcomings of the country's justice system, and tabloid culture. It's just the kind of read to make a chilly November night a little bit colder. Read more about it here.

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