Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas is Coming...The Wish List Starts Here

NoHo Noir is not a fan of crowds and usually leaves Black Friday to the people who don't mind braving pepper spray and general chaos in order to purchase really cheap electronics. We are, however, a fan of Cyber Monday, because we love the idea of shopping in our clown-printed jammies in the comfort of our own NoHo home.
We'll be publishing a full-fledged NoHo Noir Christmas Gift List later shortly, but this sale-priced coffee table book bout the art of Aaron Douglas caught our eye today.
Say the name "Aaron Douglas" to a lot of people and they'll think you're talking about the Canadian actor who starred in last year's cop drama The Bridge (and before that, the reboot of Battlestar Galactica). We like that Aaron Douglas well enough, but we're talking about the painter here. Douglas (1899-1979) has been called "the father of African-American art" and his work defined the "Harlem Renaissance" while also impacting the course of American modernism.  There are almost 200 illustrations in the book, drawn from Douglas' paintings, murals and illustrations. His signature style was a fever dream of Cubism and Art Deco and this book is a fantastic introduction to the man and his art, with some seriously scholarly cred. List priced at $60, it's now only $42 new on Amazon ($35 if you buy it used). Show this work to any comic book fan of your acquaintance and blow his/her mind!

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