Thursday, 1 March 2012

Book Review: Psychosomatic by Anthony Neil Smith

Illustration by Mark Satchwill

Meet Lydia. She lost her arms and legs in a car crash. She likes to be in control. She is divorced but her ex-husband brings girls to her house and does the nasty with them in front of her. So she decides to teach him a lesson and hires a guy to beat him up.
Meet Alan. He's a bit of a loser and he owes money to a couple of villains called Terry and Lancaster. Lydia's ex-husband is onto her plan and hires Alan to film the fight, which is being staged for Lydia's benefit. When the ex-husband dies in the fight, Alan has to get the money from Lydia. They become lovers and business partners, but when they cross paths again with Terry and an increasingly deranged Lancaster, a battle to the death ensues...
Anthony Neil Smith's debut novel is a dark and twisted ride through the lives (and deaths) of a bunch of people you hope never meet. It's fast paced, violent, funny, sometimes disturbing and written with enough style for you to forgive the occasional slightly far-fetched plot twist.
I'll be reading more of his work.

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